for this place I am thankful – SOLC 2017 #30

Our county is shaped like our state – quite long from east to west.  And also like Tennessee, there are differences that distinguish the areas of our county and make each of them unique. Our county is growing fast. We have a contrast of old and new everywhere we turn. As I drove throughout this beautiful landscape today, I thanked God for the variety I saw everywhere I traveled:

the land

  • hills and hollows that twist and flow into each other with just enough opening in between for viewing more and more of the same
  • wide flat treeless fields sliced by fence paths that reflect the care that’s been given them through the years
  • wooded hillsides leaf deep with rocky outcroppings, falling down to a flat grassy field, or sometimes almost to the road itself

the water

  • creeks that twist and turn and parallel the road until they slip under and out the other side on their downhill journey to the next watering hole
  • the chameleon we call the Harpeth River that appears where you least expect it and reflects different shades of green or brown depending on the depth of the water or the height of the bank or the speed of the flow
  • manmade ponds with sparkling fountains shooting up proclamations – fresh and cool and clear water can be found right here, all around

the roads

  • wider and wider spaces with more and more lanes for the ever-growing numbers of residents to make their ways to work, and then back home again at the end of the day
  • curvy potholed country lanes that follow the fencerows and property lines and are sheltered by the canopies of old growth trees
  • square plotted lines across former farms that bring civilization to the middle-of-nowheres of just yesterday

the houses

  • antebellum jewels with columns and porches that shimmer in the light of preservation, or droop in the shadows of neglect
  • new construction of the grandest order, at times overlooking small shacks with asphalt shingle siding or peeling paint and crumbling foundations
  • a Disneyland of perfect cottages and townhomes with meandering sidewalks, luscious landscapes, and seasonal décor on every doorway

the barns

  • arts and crafts styled with stained wood corbels, exposed beams, stacked stone walls, and paved drives
  • stair step sizes, all the same barn-red color with white tin roofs and sliding metal doors, situated like a circle of wagons protecting the inner corral
  • weathered wood structures standing only because of the trees that have grown up around them or because of the vein of sheer determination found in the hardwoods they were constructed from so many years ago

the people

  • farmers in trucks or tractors driving slowly down the middle of roads, with a wave and a nod for any and all – strangers or friends – that they happen to meet as they survey the day’s demands
  • hipsters with skinny jeans and knitted caps, or the thinnest of moms in workout clothes or yoga pants, coffee mugs always steaming, focusing on phones that are glued to their hands
  • professionals and laborers with a brisk walk, a smiling face, and a helping hand


This is my place – my home – my world.



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