don’t I wish – SOLC 2017 #22

A bad habit is developing in the evenings at our house. I have been eating a small (truly very small) dish of vanilla bean ice cream. It is plain and natural and soothing to my digestion. There are (I reason with myself) much worse things that I could be consuming.

But it is becoming a habit.

Yet I continue almost every night.

To make things worse, now I am wishing for a topping. Not just any topping, but one remembered from my past. Something that isn’t made anymore. I can see it, smell it, almost taste it now. But I can never eat it again.

PDQ – Pretty Darn Quick – was a mix of flavored beads and chips that could be mixed with milk or sprinkled over ice cream. The chocolate milk was good – but oh! – that ice cream! Crunchy, chocolatey morsels that added just the right amount of interest and delight to plain vanilla ice cream. PDQ was made by Ovaltine, but it was discontinued in the late 1990’s. I have missed it for a long time.

It also came in strawberry and eggnog flavors. I never tasted either of those. I never wanted to! But the eggnog mix had many fans, including my father.

Here is some interesting news I discovered while searching for a picture:

The closest thing available now is Benco Instant Choco Drink which is manufactured in The Netherlands and sold in Europe.  It tastes very similar to the PDQ Chocolate drink mixes.

And it apparently can be purchased on E-bay. Maybe I’ll try to get some…

I guess sometimes wishes really can come true!


8 thoughts on “don’t I wish – SOLC 2017 #22

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I remember PDQ! My best friend in elementary school was an Ovaltine user – I was a Nestle Quick girl myself. The only time I ever had it was at her house. Thanks for bringing this memory out of the deep memory bank today!

  2. Ms. Pesta says:

    Go for it! Sounds like the perfect treat at the end of a long day! I may look into it.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    I used to sprinkle the Ovaltine powder on my vanilla ice cream. There is some that is chocolate. I wonder if that would do? What a delicious way to end the day!

  4. We used Nestle’s Quik at my house.

  5. hollymueller says:

    Oh yummy! Now I want a little bowl of ice cream. I wonder why?! Ha. My favorite ice cream treats are chocolate fudge sundaes and malts. Since I’m from Cincinnati, my favorite ice cream is Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Mocha Chip. 🙂 Maybe I’ll treat myself tonight…

  6. Thanks for all your comments about the delicious ways to enjoy ice cream! I have to add another opinion of mine – there is something about the crunchiness and the deep chocolate flavor of PDQ that can’t be equaled by the other powdery mixes!

  7. Maureen says:

    I can’t believe I have never heard of PDQ – and I think I know everything chocolate 😉 I know I would love the crunchiness – especially in the midst of a nice vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  8. Funny – I was going to write about how I’ve got a bad habit recently of eating really crunchy potato chips as a snack. (mmm ice cream and potato chips…nice combo)

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