these are the gifts – SOLC 2017 #20

Today would have been my mother’s 96th birthday. The first day of spring will always be her birthday in my heart.

My mother was the epitome of so many beliefs, talents, and dreams:

* joy in the little things

* creativity

* knowing how to be a friend

* generosity

* a loving and enduring marriage

* enthusiasm

* an eye for decorating

* discernment

* a flair for fashion

* intelligence

* a talent for teaching others

* laughter

* determination to do a task right

* LIFE! *

* love *

*** always so much LOVE ***

There are bits and pieces of her life reflected in mine. Most are mere aspirations on my part for these higher, nobler traits that defined her life.

The models and the memories are the gifts my mother gave to me.

I have missed her so much these last 14 years.

But her gifts live on.

One thought on “these are the gifts – SOLC 2017 #20

  1. Beautiful. This touches the heats of all who had this kind of mother and now miss them snd mark these anniversaries (third for me in May).

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