this is good – SOLC 2017 #18

One night last fall, after my husband had gone to bed, I saw the last half of a TV show that caught my attention from the first moment. Entering the plot halfway through confused me, and drew my focus as I tried to figure out who was who and how they all related to one another.

It turned out to be the first show of “This Is Us.” Luckily I had recorded it, so I could go back to the beginning and watch it all.

I was hooked.

I tried to get my husband to watch other weeks with me. He declared it too depressing. He deals with lots of real world angst daily. And he wasn’t willing to watch through the whole show to see the resolution that always comes.

(For some reason we did watch the season finale together and he was a teary mess at the end.In a good way.)

I am thankful for the writers and producers and actors and whoever else is responsible for taking the messy lives these characters have created (as we all do) and finding the redemption that is always there if you are willing to work through the hard parts.

Just like real life

Today’s paper had a review of the show’s season that said, “It can be a bit too eager to surprise and a lot too tidy in its circularity and its urge to wrap things up with a speech and a lesson.”

I for one am so grateful for that very thing.

The review went on to offer praise for other aspects of the show. But the review of critics is only one small reason for this show’s success this year.

The bigger reason is that it speaks to the heart. In the good times and bad.

Yes. This is ALL of us.

16 thoughts on “this is good – SOLC 2017 #18

  1. travelinma says:

    I have been hearing the buzz about this show, but I don’t know much about it. I think perhaps the appeal is that we are all seeking a roadmap through the challenges in our lives while citizens of this complex world. I don’t watch TV….however I would like to catch an episode. Sounds like it is worth it.

  2. aggiekesler says:

    I am totally with ya on This is Us! I love this show! In fact, I’m listening to the This is Us playlist right now on Spotify. 🙂

  3. Liz Bailey says:

    I feel so left out because I missed this show. I cross my fingers anticipating its release on Netflix. For me, it may replace the show Parenthood, which made me cry each and every week. Terrific post and reflection!

  4. Aileen Hower says:

    I am so hooked on this show. I know so many people who have said the same and I think you have hit on why. For me, it’s the time period, as well as the dad stuff. It’s probably also that we have adopted a brown daughter (although it was an international adoption). That’s how it speaks to my heart.

  5. vanessaw2007 says:

    This show always touches my heart. I watch it on hulu and always wait to watch an episode until I’m able to without distractions because I want to get lost in it, like a good book. I haven’t watched the finally yet. shshsh

  6. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this show! I’m going to have to watch it on Netflix.

  7. arjeha says:

    I have heard lots about this show but have not watched it.

  8. Colin Davitt says:

    I keep hearing about the show but we have not started it. I tried to find it online but it appears that I would have to get it through some not so legal ways. Is there a way to watch it without having a cable TV subscription?

  9. rosecappelli says:

    Started getting into it late, but caught up on the missed episodes while my husband was away. Now I am addicted for many of the reasons you gave. I am still wondering what happened to Jack, though.

  10. I have not watched this show, but now I am intrigued!

  11. rdicarne says:

    I binged watched over Christmas break so that I could catch up to everyone else at school. I love this show! It reminds me of a show I watched years ago – thirtysomething. Funny thing is Ken Olin one of the stars of thirtysomething is the producer of This Is Us. I don’t know how I will make it until September.

  12. lsmith0917 says:

    I LOVE “This is Us”-it’s such a powerful show that so many can relate to with its ups and downs. I can’t wait for it to come back next season! I’m hooked. 🙂

  13. jennieb says:

    I’m dying to watch this show!

  14. I was in tears by the end of the first episode and was hooked ever since. To me it was similar to “Parenthood” in how fleshed out the characters were & how it had the ability to break my heart.

  15. kaortega1120 says:

    Love, Love, Love This Show — It is one of the best shows I have seen in quite sometime! Xx Kristine

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