please don’t worry – SOLC 2017 #15

This cold weather has taken us all by surprise. The winter was not very chilly this year.



Yes, we enjoyed that unexpected warmth.



We can see that those higher temperatures inspired you to send out your shoots and buds earlier than usual. It isn’t even officially Spring on the calendar yet.



Spring lives inside us, even through the icy days.

The promise of Spring gets us through those dreadful bitter nights.



But now we worry about you. Have you come out of hiding too soon?



Even in the frosty evenings, the warmth of the ground comes up

through our roots and into our stems and leaves.



But those cold rainy days must be discouraging.



We try to shield ourselves as best we can,

but we need the life-giving rain for our growth.

And we remember the sun, and long for it.



One year we had a freeze on Mother’s Day and our crepe myrtles really suffered.  Should we be worried about that this year?



We have no answers about your timeline,

but we would ask – did those plants die?



No, they were only damaged. Today they are as strong as ever.



As we will be. Please don’t worry.

The return of this wintry weather is only a delay, a setback.

Life will prevail.

You’ll see.


3 thoughts on “please don’t worry – SOLC 2017 #15

  1. Donna Smith says:

    I love your format. And the replies come in for me as a whispery, ever so slightly trembly or double- like voice. I could hear it.

  2. travelinma says:

    I love this….it reminds me of a poem designed for two voices. This would be great to perform!! A few of the replies reminded me of how “Alexa” might answer!! My son jokes that I replaced his father with a robot!!!

  3. Tim Gels says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful post! Here in north Alabama we’ve got the same concerns, but you’re right–nature will endure.

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