i forgot to call – SOLC 2017 #11

I forgot to call.

We changed our meeting place at the last minute and she doesn’t have email and so she didn’t know and I always call to check with her even if no changes have been made and this time I forgot and I feel absolutely awful.

It isn’t the first time.

Once before we changed the date of the meeting and I forgot to call and she went on the wrong day and then she came home when no one showed up and she called me when she got home and I felt awful and promised I would never do it again.

I did it again.

She came to the wrong place for today’s meeting and even brought Friendship Bread to share with the board members and she always has such good insight that she has gained through the years and it adds so much to our group and the plans we make but she wasn’t there today because I forgot to call.

So I called tonight to apologize.

She was so gracious as always and said there is too much for us all to worry about in this world for me to spend time worrying about this but I told her it made me sick because I could just see her standing there outside the door wondering where everyone was and no one else showing up and her holding that bread and then turning around to go home all by herself.

I pray I never, ever forget to call again.

Because not only do we serve on this board together but we also go to the same church and she is my neighbor and her friendship has blessed my life in countless ways and in my eyes she is a jewel and she didn’t even get mad and was so nice when I called to apologize and I wouldn’t want to hurt her or disappoint her or make her feel left out for anything in the whole wide world because she really does mean so much to me.

But how would she know that for sure? Because I forgot to call.

10 thoughts on “i forgot to call – SOLC 2017 #11

  1. Fran Haley says:

    Oh, dear! I have found that when I have made a mistake along these lines, I turn around and do it again. Maddening. But surely she knows how much you care. (Call now, just because!).

  2. Oh dear, I hear the pain in your post. I hear the regret and sadness in your voice and the desire to take the day back and ask for a redo….. I know that I too often feel like I am spread so thin that I forget to call, to connect….and it is maddening and sad at the same time. The good news is that real valued friends seem to pick up where they left off even with time and lack of phone calls… it must be a form of caring.

  3. pokeygirl5 says:

    It is so easy to get caught up in busyness that we overlook the minor details in life. I am sure she heard your regret but I know that doesn’t ease the anguish you feel. Calling after showed that you cared and I am sure she knows your heart.

  4. thaanen says:

    love your choice with the run on sentences.. also love that you called to apologize-that sometimes doesn’t happen; but you did. Don’t beat yourself up, we are only human.

  5. This is a powerful piece of introspective writing. Regret and analysis as well as graciousness. -So much contained in the one piece. We all experience guilt over such mistakes. It takes bravery to admit our failings. But that is only the half of it. Owning up to them and resolving such matters is the true test for each of us. Honesty shines through here.

  6. Donna Smith says:

    I loved the format of your slice – the short accusatory sentences and the run on frantically regretful and explanatory segments. Simply a perfect conversation we’d have with ourselves. I know you feel terrible about it, but I also know why you think so highly of this woman. She is the picture of grace. What a blessing she must be in all the lives she touches. Give her a card. Do not sign it. Write a Post-it note to her!💌

  7. It sounds like she knows you and forgives the little oversight!

  8. elsie says:

    I know just what you mean. It is a terrible thing when we forget, but to err is human.

  9. Julie Johnson says:

    I can hear the angst throughout your piece, but especially in the end as you wrote your stream of thoughts. I would feel the same way you do. It sounds like your friend is truly a gem.

  10. Love the rhythm of this post.

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