right in our own backyard – SOLC 2017 #4

Our current house holds the record for being the place we have lived in for the longest amount of time – going on 13 years. This is a little ironic because we have built (or have had built for us) three other new houses, which we lived in and eventually sold. But this house was worn and used by many previous owners when we bought it. Yet we have patched up its scrapes and bruises and polished its better attributes and have come to deeply appreciate this place we call home.

Except: all the bedrooms are upstairs. This definitely has benefits. But now our aging golden retriever has to be helped or carried up and down the steps each night and morning, and we ourselves know that someday – hopefully in the distant future – our own knees may struggle going between floors.

So… we had some plans drawn to add a sunroom that could be converted into a bedroom should we ever need it. I guess we put the cart before the horse, because when we received a preliminary building bid from a contractor, we could only laugh and shake our heads. We could build another house – the whole thing – for the amount of money he quoted in his estimate.

We have come to realize that SOMEDAY we will need to downsize and get a house where our bedroom is on the main floor. But the thought of moving (ugh!) makes us able to overlook the steps to the second floor with their current and future challenges. And our location is ideal, and we can’t even think where else we would want to be.

Interestingly, the house right behind ours – not in our neighborhood, and about 25 years older than ours – was recently sold for a hefty price. When I looked online at pictures, I couldn’t believe how beautiful this updated, one story, perfect-sized house really is. In a great location!

So our minds are open now to other options we hadn’t even thought of.  Still, not for a while, we hope.


But right in our own backyard! Who knew?

P.S. Met our new neighbor today. Very nice. Discovered there were 7 offers on this house, all above asking price.

We had better learn to live with our stairs.

3 thoughts on “right in our own backyard – SOLC 2017 #4

  1. I like how you start with concern for your dog and transition to planning for our own inevitable aging. I also like how you had 3 houses built for yourself but it is the old, patched one that has been the best suited. Makes us think about aging and about desire.

  2. elsie says:

    That picture looks like a house redo from HGTV. I hate the thought of moving too. Fortunately, we built our house as a single level, so maybe we won’t have to move for a while.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I hurt my knee this year and got to thinking about being a senior citizen in a house with stairs. It’s never too early to think about it, then you are ready when the perfect situation pops up.

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