lion and lamb – SOLC 2017 #2

In like a lion, out like a lamb. So the old saying goes about the month of March. Bad weather at the first of the month, pleasant days at the end. Or vice-versa. Such an old saying that few people know of it these days, but if you keep track, you’ll find that it is often true!

Yesterday morning we had some wild weather and the old lion came on strong. Wind, hail, and rain, rain, rain! Grrrr! Hopefully we can put that behind us now.

Our weather lately has been so warm that spring is coming sooner than it should. But it is lovely, and the warmth is as encouraging to old bones as it is to new buds. My neighbor’s buttercups make me smile:


I had to get out spring décor yesterday, and now my spirit-lifted house makes me smile, too.

This little fellow was a model for an art project I always did with my fourth graders eons ago. (He is mad, of course, because he was captured. He never told us where his gold was hidden, so we never let him go.) Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!


These teapots were a gift to me from my mother years ago – she was adding to a collection I had at the time. I have given away of most of them but couldn’t part with these. My mother was a milliner – a hat maker – and I’m reminded of her every time I look at these sweet signs of spring.


This hand-painted bunny was a present from a talented friend when I taught her son, years and years ago. Her friendship and support were the best gifts she gave me, but I treasure this as well.


So the lion has come (and gone?) and I am looking forward to the lamb’s calmness at the end of March.

I think I’ll look for a sweet lamb for my house, too.

7 thoughts on “lion and lamb – SOLC 2017 #2

  1. What a sweet collection to welcome spring!

  2. krystinicole says:

    Wow! Your mother made hats? That’s such an awesome skill! Thank you for sharing your memories and keepsakes.

  3. elsie says:

    Let’s hope that lion has packed up and gone! I worry about the trees and all the blooming that is happening too early in my area too. What fun to set out keepsakes that have a special connection for the spring season.

  4. Suzanne says:

    We will all welcome the lamb as it comes our way although our New Jersey winter has been quite lamb-like as well. I loved your photos, such nice stories to go along with each one.

  5. blkdrama says:

    Sweet planning for Spring!!!!! I’m smiling away the winds.

  6. Donna Underwood says:

    Spring is my favorite time of year. It is exciting to see the different plants and flowers come to life with such beautiful colors. I absolutely love your teapots. How special they were from your mom. They are adorable.

  7. Your mom sounds like an amazing lady!!

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