young again

Today we were invited to join our daughter and son-in-law at their church for the annual Easter egg hunt. It would be our granddaughter’s first year to participate in this exciting activity. We have been practicing at home on Nan Day:


So the big day came and the weather was perfect. And I have NEVER seen such a turn-out for an Easter egg hunt!  There were pony rides and a duck pond and face painting and loud music and donuts!

It was a happy experience for all – except for maybe the overwhelming atmosphere for the quiet child, or the lining up at the ropes and then having to wait before stepping out and getting the eggs.

But she ended up with a few eggs in her basket and the eagerness to see what other fun things were waiting.


And my husband and I felt young again amidst all that spring growth and new life and blessings from God.

One thought on “young again

  1. Easy to forget those new experiences for little ones, so fun to see and hear about your granddaughter’s day.

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