acting my age

Last weekend I met with a group of childhood friends to plan a reunion of the youth group – the kids I grew up with – at my church. We are all around age 60 now, which is incredibly hard for me to believe. Especially when I consider the people I haven’t kept up with, who are still teenagers in my mind. In reality they are adults heading out of “middle age,” and they have children and grandchildren- just like me. The saddest realization is that several have died – many without my knowledge of their passing.

So I have been reminded that I am old. Hmmm….

I participate in a Bible study at my church. The members are so wise, and so welcoming! Being a part of this group is such a blessing. The group has met for 15-20 years, but I was just able to join after I retired two years ago. Many of the ladies are older than I am, and almost all of them have been coming longer than I have. So in their eyes, (or maybe just in my thinking), I seem younger, less experienced, with much more to learn about relationships and about life.

So I have been reminded that I am young.  Hmmm….

I guess I am at that part of my life where I am straddling that divide between old and young. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly the best way to “act my age.” But I’ll keep trying the best I can.

2 thoughts on “acting my age

  1. kristalee11 says:

    I so often swing from feeling like the old lady in the room….to looking around for the adult whose supposed to be in charge! 😉

  2. jennieb says:

    I wonder, are there multiple points in our lives that the divide exists? This part made me smile: “or maybe just in my thinking.”

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