giving thanks #30

Daily thankfulness is good for the soul.

Color enchants me, and boosts my spirits. Certain colors evoke definite feelings in me, and I smile to see happy colors singing aloud together, or subdued colors making a quiet statement. The colors of nature resonate deep within me, and my favorite hues are (and always have been) blue, green, and yellow.  But I am not gifted in choosing color. I just know what is right and true when I see it.

Music lifts my moods, or makes me smile, or adds depth to my serious thoughts. A beautiful voice is like a beacon to me, and the melody and harmony of tunes stir my soul. Yet I am not a singer (oh no, not at all) nor do I play any instruments. I just love the language that music sends forth into my world.

My allergic nose misses out on enjoying many vibrant smells in this world, even the fragrant ones, because of its sensitivity. But I do love to breathe deeply of freshly baked bread, or holiday cinnamon, or tuberoses, or a clean soft scent. I just feel the comfort in things that smell wholesome and good.

The world has so many gifts to offer us daily – and even though I can’t create or manage these gifts the way I might like, I can enjoy them to the fullest and allow them to fill my life with honorable, beautiful, and higher things.

I am so thankful.

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