on this day

Every year on this day I write about my mother because it would be her birthday. (This year she would have been 95.) My mother was and is so many things to me that I have only scratched the surface with my writings about her. But today I was reminded that others loved her too.

I have been meeting with some friends to plan a reunion of our youth group at church from the days long ago when we were young. When we met today I was reminded how much Mama meant to so many – one friend rented her wedding dress from her (as many others did), another told about my dad flying a plane over Mama’s house when they were “courting” and calling out her name. Others talked about how quiet my dad always was – because my mother talked so much he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. All so true. My mother loved the people she came across in her life’s journey, and everything else about this life she lived.

Another story told today was about a friend losing her first born son in an accident when he was eighteen. My mother was at this friend’s mother’s house in the time before the services. It was there my friend showed my mother her son’s picture, wishing so deeply that he were still here. My mother said, “He is in such a beautiful place now, even if he had a choice, he wouldn’t choose to come back here.” My friend said that was such a comfort to her then, and also many times as the years have gone by.

That sentiment has comforted me as well. My mother is having the best time in heaven, I am so very sure. She died in the week before Easter thirteen years ago, and we were sure that when she was in heaven for her first Easter, she was making sure that everyone had their Easter bonnet and finery arranged just so – just as she did each year here on earth. She never knew the spouses of our children or our precious granddaughter. But I know she would never choose to come back here because she is in such a beautiful place. Knowing I will see her again one day makes my heart smile.


4 thoughts on “on this day

  1. bbutler627 says:

    This makes my heart smile to read. What a beautiful tradition to keep a memory alive. I couldn’t love this idea and your loving writing more here. It’s so honest and just paints the relationship you had with her; you clearly loved and adored her. She must have felt the same. Thoughts to you today as you miss her but honor her so well.

  2. Cathy M says:

    What a sweet post. I loved hearing about your mother, her wisdom, and her love for life. This line spoke volumes: “My mother loved the people she came across in her life’s journey, and everything else about this life she lived.”


  3. MaryHill says:

    Your mother had a special place in people’s’ hearts. She made a real difference. Your words also bring peace and love to me. I miss my father a lot some days. His birthday is in less than three weeks. He made a difference too and I love remembering him.

  4. Donna Smith says:

    Mmm. Just knowing that they wouldn’t wish to come back is a wise comforting though. What a special mom!

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