giving thanks #23

Daily thankfulness is good for the soul.

Hallelujah! It is (almost) spring and the world of nature sings its joyful song loud and clear each day!

There are so many things about spring that are purely delightful, and I have previously written about many of them – the air, the buds, the greening, the birds, the rain, the temperature changes, and the wonder of it all. Most especially wonderful about this season is the fact that the world gets a do-over every year in spring.  All the leftover remains of fall are deteriorated, all the drabness of winter goes away, and all the new life bursts forth in small but ever-growing ways. Mistakes and regrets can be left behind, and plans for better days ahead materialize on their own in our awakening minds. Spring is a chance to feel the sun’s warmth again, to breathe deeply of freshened air, to celebrate the return of determined seeds of new life.

It is a joy for me to add brighter colors back into my wardrobe this time of year, and to put the heavier coats into the back of my closet.  I love seeing the changes from day to day in the trees and flowers and grass. I often wonder how we came to be so blessed to have this to look forward to after a long season of cold and doubt. But spring brings hope, and rejoicing, and belief. How could Easter come in any other season?

I am so thankful.

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