giving thanks #18

My thankfulness continues into the new year.

In high school I did an independent study in art and determined that I loved doing it, but I wasn’t sure I could make a living at it. So I became a teacher; yet my classroom, especially during the early years of my career, had lots of handmade (or home-made) bulletin boards and activities, mostly because I loved making these pieces.  And as a newly married couple, my husband and I gave artsy gifts of calendars, painted signs, and such.

This love of art and design extended into my pursuit of learning about and using calligraphy. I also took a watercolor class. (By the way, watercolor is hard to do!) We have made our own Christmas cards every year we have been married, although now I am fortunate to have access to our daughter’s professional design skills to bring my ideas to life. I come from a family of seamstresses, but I didn’t inherit that skill. But I have done smocking when my children were young, and countless pieces of counted cross stitch designs.  I recently made drapes for our daughter and son-in-law’s home, too. However, along the way – with blurring eyesight, other demands on my time, and a bit of age-induced laziness – art and design projects have taken a back seat in my life. And things in the creative world have changed, from being done all by hand to using the accuracy and ease of computers. (I should say ease of revision and correction with computers. Not ease of learning to use the software itself. That takes lots of talent and practice, as I learned through my class in Adobe Illustrator, which showed me what being at the bottom of the class felt like.) However, all these things continue to inspire me, and I have a computer folder bulging with quotes and art ideas that have grabbed my attention and made me wonder, “Could I… Should I… Will I … can I do that again?”

I continue to be drawn to the beauty and joy in art. And I am getting the nudge that maybe it is time to try a little dabbling here and there again.

I am so thankful.

3 thoughts on “giving thanks #18

  1. Terje says:

    You have been lucky to have so much art in your life. I believe it makes life richer. You are ready to continue learning and creating Art. Listen to your heart. Follow your inspiration.

  2. I, too, have put art-making on the back burner for now (for different reasons). While the concussion I had three years ago was less than ideal, the only good thing that came out of all that brain rest was that I finally had the time to work on my art again (because I couldn’t do anything else).

  3. elsie says:

    Dabble away! There is much joy in creating. Sounds as though your daughter has some of her talent for design from you.

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