giving thanks #13

My thankfulness continues into the new year.

I am an only child, which I think helps explain why friends are so important to me. Since I never had brothers or sisters, and only one cousin who lived far away, I am so fortunate to have been blessed with friends through the years that have become like family to me.

As a very young child I had neighborhood children as buddies to play with until sundown sent us inside. In elementary school my classmates became playmates to spend weekends as well as weekdays with. As a teenager I was part of our church youth group, with whom I spent loads of time on retreats, mission trips, church services, classes, and dinners together. (This group is currently planning a reunion in May, and I can’t wait to see them again!) I have so enjoyed my high school reunions that have rekindled old friendships and also established new ones. (Who knew, back then, that some of those girls were so fun?) In college I was blessed to find girls with similar interests and values as I was discovering who I was meant to be.  (Several of us still gather for weekends of catching up and making new memories together.) As an adult I have been fortunate to find pals at work, not just colleagues, but true friends who have nurtured and supported each other through all that life brings our way. My husband and I have also been blessed with the friendships of other couples who are in the same phases of life and who are fun to be with in all kinds of adventures.

Neighbors, walking partners, secret-sharers, antique shoppers, listening ears, laughter givers, shoulders to cry on. Friends make my soul so much richer than it would be all alone.

I am so thankful.

5 thoughts on “giving thanks #13

  1. marymary219 says:

    I love the list of friends in the last paragraph!

  2. VanessaVaile says:

    Thank you for this one ~ I was an only child too, although I did have more cousins. We moved a lot back when it was less common. Too often a stranger — that made the places friendly-ful places when we lived someplace longer all the more memorable.

  3. Lisa Keeler says:

    You have written a beautiful tribute about nurturing friendships from all phases of our lives. Your slice has me thinking about how to write about friends myself. I love that you have different kinds of friends- neighbors, walking partners, secret sharers etc.. you put it all into words so well.

  4. Thank you for writing this. It really resonated with me. I also value the different kinds of friendships I have made in life. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if my friends were not there for me through some very difficult moments.

  5. Mandy says:

    I completely agree! My friends are so precious to me! I have friends from so many different walks of life, and each one holds a perfect spot in my heart!

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