giving thanks #7

As we focus on this season of gratitude, I hope to write briefly about something I am thankful for every day.

When our son Mark was born, our little family was complete. He brought a loving heart, a curious spirit, and a lot of fun into our world. I remember him snuggling with us when he was little, and idolizing his older sister. He still does, admittedly or not.

It was fun to watch him on numerous teams – soccer, football, basketball – through the years. Now he is 6’5″, but still a big teddy bear. He works as an engineer and balances that with basketball and hunting. Mark is opinionated, passionate, funny, entertaining, and still curious about the world around him, sharing facts he constantly researches on the Internet. He has been blessed with a beautiful and loving wife, Landon, who brings out the best in him constantly. She is hardworking, thoughtful, family-oriented, sweet, smart, and stylish. Even though they are still newlyweds, it is easy to see how very much they were meant to be together.

The little boy who has grown to manhood, and the family of his own he is making, are special gifts to us.

I am so thankful.

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