giving thanks #5

As we focus on this season of gratitude, I hope to write briefly about something I am thankful for every day.

I am thankful for the two children that God blessed our family with many years ago.

For both of them. I know better than to write about one before the other because they both still keep track of things like that. And they let me know it. But I love them both so it is easy to be grateful for both of them together.

I remember with gratitude their soft baby skin, their first steps, their preschool adventures, their school projects and good grades, their sports activities, and their friends and fun times.

I am grateful for even those aching times when they suffered heartbreaks and we feebly tried our best to comfort them. And when they left home for college and the house echoed without their voices.

And now I am thankful for their happy marriages, for grandchildren (present and future), and for the closeness in both location and conversation we still share.

Our children are a gift from God.

I am so thankful.

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