There was a ribbon cutting for a new road in our town recently.

I live in Franklin, Tennessee, a wonderful community that offers a “blend of modern and historic, with trendy places to shop and eat and attractions that tell the story of the Civil War Battle of Franklin. The historic downtown district is nationally recognized as a Great American Main Street.” (trip advisor)


Franklin is situated near I-65, with the main part of the town west of the interstate. Lots of development is coming in to the east and south of town, but traffic makes those areas hard to access.There are five exits off the interstate traveled by thousands of workers to and from Nashville daily, but the main one is terribly congested many hours of the day. Add to that years of road work to widen the interstate, complicated by a terrible and tragic truck accident that destroyed and delayed a major part of this road project, and you have a big transportation mess.

So, there was a ribbon cutting for a new road in our town recently. A much needed artery that will allow drivers an alternate route when the interstate is clogged. A major boost for the people who live “over there” on the other side of the interstate.

There was nothing for me to do but take a ride and check out the new road – right? So I did, and found that it was done very well. Unfortunately it is only two lanes – not enough money for four – but it is a great connector route.

I was surprised and amazed by all the development that already exists – and much more that is planned along this new road. Houses and more houses, everywhere. And even more land cleared, for even more to come.



With all this coming, it is indeed too bad that the road is only two lanes. It will be congested – like everything else around here – before too long.

Many communities would think this is a great problem to have. And I would have to agree. I haven’t always lived here, but I am glad there was room for our family when we decided to move here fifteen years ago.

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