There he was this morning, getting out of his car at the coffee shop across the parking lot. It made me smile to wonder if he was enjoying his retirement as much as I am.

I noticed his clothing, and I remembered his always crisp and stylish attire.  His serious views on the education profession made an impression on me each time I heard him speak. Yet he was quick to offer words of wisdom and helpful tips to those who needed guidance along the way.

He conducted my video interview way back when, as I applied to teach in this system. He told me all he would do was ask the questions – he would not respond in any way. But he nodded and smiled in agreement and encouragement all throughout. And he teared up at the end when I answered the question, “Who is your hero?” with a description of a friend who had overcome many hardships in her life and still stood strong.

Then I stopped myself. “That’s not him,” I thought. He passed away last year.

Yet his life casts a long shadow – still – on those he influenced in countless ways along his life’s journey.

3 thoughts on “shadow

  1. Your last line stunned me! I was reading and looking forward to the greeting, not expecting that ending at all. Powerful post with that surprising craft move. It also sounds like you had a wonderful mentor, as you have written a lovely tribute.

  2. Wow, I agree with Melanie. It wasn’t a long piece, but I felt like I was very invested- I’m working on tightening up my writing and yours was a great post to see how to do that.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful person in your life. How great that such nice memories of him live on!

  3. Ramona says:

    Wow! Like Melanie, I was totally surprised by your ending. What a blessing to have your life touched by that wonderful long shadow.

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