We took a winding drive up a curvy road to Sewanee, Tennessee this past weekend. The autumn colors were just starting to emerge and the views were spectacular. We were in the midst of several projects at the cabin, but we found a stopping place and took some time for ourselves to feed our souls. Such a good decision!

On the way up the hill we noticed an overlook that was enticing, so on the way back we decided to check it out. There were a few stone steps to climb and then a flat plateau that offered incredible views of the valley below.

It was my idea to climb up, but the footing was unsure, so my timidity quickly popped out. I had to hold on to the stone and to my husband. When we got to the top – with nothing to hold onto, just open air, I couldn’t go any farther. I could peek over and see some of the view, and I was enthralled. But that was as far as I could go.


Wayne scampered on up and encouraged me to join him, but I was content to stay where I was an enjoy my limited view.


And now I wonder, what else am I missing because of the hesitancy I have to take the next steps?


What fears hold you back sometimes?


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