pie in the sky

When I was young, I was very idealistic. I wanted everything to be just so. Disneyworld-like, with dreams come true for all.

As I grew,  realized that life isn’t always like that. Not everything that should be comes to pass. Acceptance became the norm.

No more idealism for me.


Distrustfulness set in. I expected the worst, even when hoping for the best.  Cynicism took control. What could I, alone, do?

I dreamed of changing things. Making a difference. I worked so hard, but made little progress. Frustration ate at my insides.

Expectation looked only for the worst.


This colored my world, and it became the prism through which I viewed everything – situations both hopeful or hopeless.

At least I knew better than to expect good things. Better not to get my hopes up than to be disappointed – again.

Mediocrity and just getting by left me lukewarm and tired.


Deliverance came in realizing that, in order to keep my own integrity intact, I must do the best that I could, every day.

I couldn’t change the world, but I could be consistent in doing my part. My heart lightened with anticipation of better things.

Idealism had never left me after all.


It guides me still.



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