for now

Last night a friend mentioned that she heard there were ten Fridays until Christmas. Another friend stared in wide-eyed wonder – and a little panic and fear. Yes, Christmas is coming – and if you need any reminders, almost any retail outlet will offer you plenty.

But wait! What is coming is NOT now.

Now is blue skies and crisp air and vibrant colors and the harvest’s bounty. Now is squirrels and nuts and corn stalks and pumpkins. William Cullen Bryant reminded us that “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile,” is a treasure.

IMG_0714.JPG (2)

So I choose to be Scarlett and think about Christmas tomorrow. For now, I will

  • sit at the firepit and follow the trails of smoke,
  • slurp up a s’more or two,
  • hold my hands tight around a warm, steaming mug,
  • be calmed by the falling and drifting of leaves,
  • gather the brightest ones as light for dreary days ahead,
  • get out my long-sleeved shirts and scarves,
  • be thankful for the time to count my blessings.

IMG_0713.JPG (2)


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