time for a change

Trees certainly leave their mark in this world. Besides their ever-heightening presence in the sky, other parts of the tree catch your attention, too.

Petals falling from blooms in the spring create a dreamlike atmosphere. They can cover the ground in a soft blanket of snowy white or tidbits of pastel.


It is soothing and sad at the same time. Although the petals leave behind seeds for the future, their time here seems so short. Only a glimpse of life and beauty before their time is done.

The Fall season brings an avalanche of cascading leaves. This process is only beginning at our house, but you can see that we already have the foundations of a big clean-up to come.


Watching leaves fall is also a peaceful experience, as they trickle down or dance lightly in the breeze. It can be eye-opening when they gather together and come down strong and heavy during an autumn storm.


Some people view Fall as a sad season, but I am invigorated by the brilliant colors, and the chill in the air, and the consistent cycle of life. Leaves don’t make me sad like the spring petals do. I see them as finishing a live well-lived, and a duty completed.

autumn leaves heart

To everything there is a season.

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