tide lines

Along the shore when the waves go out,

the tide lines twist and overlap

in the smoothed-out sand.


They leave behind marine treasures

from the locales they have visited

while out at sea.


A shell, a bone, a seaweed berry:

bits and pieces of the life abundant

in the underwater world.


Sadly, some trash always appears

and clutters the beauty

of the riches and the gems.


Those on shore get a glimpse of what remains

of occurrences far and wide

in an unseen realm.




I wonder what tide lines are left

by my coming and going

in other people’s lives.


Do I deposit valuables and keepsakes,

tidbits of joy and encouragement

and memories that glow?


Or are there questions and wonderings,

discarded unwanted scraps

and snippets of doubt?


Lord, I pray that my own tide lines

reveal hope and happiness

and recollections of sunny days.


May the traces I leave in my wake

shimmer and radiate

and bring to mind the good in this world.


8 thoughts on “tide lines

  1. Donna Underwood says:

    I love “Tide Lines”. What a wonderful visual picture. It is also my prayer that my life will be counted for encouragement and happiness to others. Thanks for sharing…I will read this over & over again. I’m so thankful you are my sweet Christian neighbor and that the Lord brought you into my life so quietly. I love reading your posts. Hearing your heart & seeing snippets of your life on paper. Keep writing…you have a gift.

  2. Your prayer ending is very moving. I very much enjoyed reading your post. Reminded me of Anne Morrow Lindberg.

  3. So glad it was meaningful to you, and I am humbled by your comparison. Thank you.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Welcome back to writing. I loved the comparison of what happens at the ocean’s edge to life, those “tidelines”. Beautiful to read all the parts, those ‘scraps’ left behind, for good or no.

  5. newtreemom says:

    I love walking on the beach and wondering about all the things the tide brings in. Even the ordinary seems like treasure. I, like you, want the tidelines I leave to spread happiness, and especially hope.

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