happy anniversary

Recently our family was in Oxford, MS for an Ole Miss Rebels football game – and of course we had to spend some time shopping around the town. At one store our daughter-in-law and I noticed lots of hand-painted square canvases and wood blocks with a big bright heart and the date 10-4-15 painted on them

“Wonder what this means?” I asked, and we puzzled about it for a moment, and then she remembered that the coming week was sorority rush week, and that date would be bid day for hundreds of hopeful girls. We decided that would be the perfect gift for a new pledge.

However, this artwork had an entirely different meaning for me. It reminded me of a special date in our family.

anniversary heart

On October 4, 1940, my parents were married. They had many happy years together and were great role models for their only child who was a great surprise after sixteen years of marriage. They have been gone twelve years, passing away six months apart, and I miss them daily.

Today, on what would have been their 75th anniversary, I say, “I love you, Mama and Daddy. Happy Anniversary!”

My parents at MY wedding in 1978

My parents at MY wedding in 1978

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