As I turned out of my neighborhood onto the main road into town something caught my eye on the right side of the street. I slowed as I saw a line of large deer emerge from behind the house on the corner across the road.

In my mind’s eye I can still see the five does in a line, seemingly trying to reach an unknown destination. They were moving swiftly and with determination, up the hill and straight toward the road.

The drivers in the line of cars that were traveling toward me in the other direction had the sun in their eyes and could not see the area on the side of the house or the spot where the deer were approaching.

By this time I had stopped and thought about turning on my flashing warning lights for the cars behind me to see. But I really needed to warn those cars headed toward me.

Too late! The lead deer ran right into the driver’s side door of a sedan. Then it turned and ran away from the road, back in the direction from which it had come, and the other deer followed right behind.

Just like that they were gone. Only the dent in the door (the driver was unhurt) and the fur flying in the air remained. I could hardly believe what I had just seen with my own eyes.

And so we all moved on. The deer, the drivers, the day.

I knew that if I hadn’t been on the open side of the house I wouldn’t have seen the deer coming, and very likely that first deer would have hit my car instead.

And I wonder… How often during each and every day are we just that close to disaster? How many times do mere feet or inches, minutes or seconds, keep us from harm?

There is so much we never know. Nor do we take the time to say thanks to the One who keeps us safe.

2 thoughts on “providence

  1. I’ve had a deer hit my car, actually land on the roof and fall off the back so I know it is a scary experience. But I’ve also learned from working with people who know about spirit animals that to see deer is a reminder of friendship. Now whenever I see deer, I think about my friends and sometimes I have a special encounter with one after a deer sighting. Deer are so abundant, it is nice they are there to remind us of loved ones!


  2. Thanks for sharing this! what a pleasant reminder of friends (when there are no cars involved). Hope you were not hurt.

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