change is hard – solsc#26

When I was young

my dad always told me

that the only thing

you can be assured of in life

is that things will change.


He told me this

because I did not like change.

Change is hard.


The seasons are changing

from winter to spring.

There are all kinds

of spring signs

to behold and rejoice in –

flowers blooming,

birds building nests,

leaves emerging on trees and bushes,

and warmer air all around.

But change is hard.


Today winter is fighting back.

Our temperature has fallen

almost 30 degrees

since morning.

The wind is blowing

and the rain is falling.

Those signs of spring

aren’t so perky anymore.

They now know

that change is hard.


But change is a good thing.

Perhaps if it weren’t so difficult,

we wouldn’t realize its value.

So just as in nature,

people hang on

and ride it out,

knowing that what is to come

is better than what was behind.


Something worth waiting for,

even though change is hard.

4 thoughts on “change is hard – solsc#26

  1. newtreemom says:

    Yes, change is hard. But moving forward is worth it.

  2. I so think that it’s all about your mindset. Change can be hard but if you are open to new things, willing to see the positive, change can be great. I think it’s the unexpected and unwanted change that can be hardest but even then it’s about adjusting your attitude and moving on.

  3. spiffygryphy says:

    I like the reminder that we just have to be patient. I’m fed up with this weather – but you’re right, we’ll get through the change and it will certainly be worth it.

  4. […] I said before, change is hard. Something within us fights against it and tries to alter its course. You see that in nature as […]

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