just in time – solsc#18

So much snow.

And ice.

And cold.

Yet just below the surface,

plotting their return and

knowing the time is coming,

the perennials make their stand.

The last two weeks of February in middle Tennessee were colder and snowier than the last three winters combined. But then, as soon as we had a warming day, the green shoots appeared. This gave me cause for rejoicing, but also a little concern.

We always cut back our monkey grass in February. Cutting off the old, brown blades leaves room for the new shoots that signal this year’s growing season.

Now it is March and it has been too cold (and too snowy and too icy) to cut the monkey grass. If we wait til the shoots come up, and then cut the old growth back, we sheer the tips of the new year’s growth. Then it starts out with split ends and a crewcut before it barely lifts off the ground.

I knew we were in trouble when I noticed the Stella d’Oro lilies sending up their greenery announcing the coming blooms.

photo 2 (2)

Sunday, thankfully, was clothed in the promise of Spring. The encouragement of blue skies, warm air, and birdsong filled our souls. So we dared to cut the monkey grass.

Just in time. No new shoots, not yet. They will come. And the pathway to the patio leads us to fuller days ahead.

photo 4 (2)

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