happily ever after – solsc#16

Recently I wrote about establishing a writing space, which is still to come. My temporary spot is working well for now. I sit at my great-aunt’s secretary, which I inherited years ago, in our great room facing the wall. And here is what I see when I look up:

cake flowers 3

The top of the secretary holds several treasures – my mother’s demitasse cup collection, some of my grandmother’s china, pieces of Belleek china we brought back from Ireland and other special pieces I hold dear. (Those objects sound like other stories waiting to be told, don’t they?)

The flowers you see in the picture remind me of our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding cake.

wedding cake 5

Beth and Jamie married in 2006, just after she graduated from college as an art major with an emphasis in graphic design. In one class the professor had matched students to townspeople who wanted to develop a website for their businesses. Beth’s partner was Cory Lewis, a sculptor who had branched out into using her pottery skills in cake décor. The website, Cake and Clay, was the result.

Beth created Cory’s first website and when it came time to “settle up,” Cory said, “I hear you are getting married,” and offered to trade a wedding cake made by Cory for the website Beth designed. Beth was thrilled and said, of course, “Yes!”

So Cory made a beautiful white four layer wedding cake with strawberry filling and then rode in the back of her friend’s van with the cake for the four hours it took to deliver it from its creation in Oxford, MS to the wedding in Franklin, TN. The cake arrived in separate layers which Cory assembled here, and the hand-formed the sugar flowers (created to match the live ones used in the wedding arrangements) were arrayed in the flat boxes they traveled in, ready to be displayed on those tiers.

Roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and greenery spilled down the cake in a dramatic display. It was stunningly breathtaking – gorgeous and delicious and exactly what Beth wanted.

wedding cake 2

We are ever thankful that Cory gave this priceless wedding gift to Beth and Jamie, and touched by her thoughtfulness. Beth often says, “I got the much better deal in that trade.”

wedding car

The happy couple remains so much in love, and have recently added to their family a precious daughter. What is amazing to this day is that the flowers also remain intact, still beautiful and life-like, almost nine years later – a testament to a true artist and her enduring expression of talent and generosity.

cake flowers 2

6 thoughts on “happily ever after – solsc#16

  1. Jenn Hay says:

    Wow! They do look real. Beautiful. How lovely it is that you have so many treasures displayed for all to enjoy. My grandmother has a similar piece. When my sister and I were little we would spend the summers with her. I remember one time, when we were helping her look for a paper in her secretary, we started to ask her about her treasures. Before we knew it we were no longer looking for the misplaced paper. Instead we traveled back through time with our grandmother as she told us stories about each precious item on display. I’ll never forget that moment.

  2. Samantha Marquardt says:

    Sometimes the simplest of things hold memories of precious moments. Thanks for sharing!

  3. heisereads says:

    What a lovely story of a beautiful memory! That is a gorgeous cake, coming out of a great story of a barter, and I love that it is now a keepsake. And, yes, I agree that those other objects you look at probably have their own stories to tell – which gives me an idea for my own Slices! 🙂

  4. mlvteach says:

    This gave me ideas for future slices, too. Thank you for that…the well was running low! Isn’t it amazing how small objects can be so attached to memories? I am a collector of objects and all of them connect to a story.

  5. Brenna says:

    I loved how you started out by talking through the treasures stored in your antique secretary — you are right, each is a story just waiting to be told. I loved seeing the pictures from your house and of people you hold dear. My slice tomorrow is based on travel pics and it was fun adding them in special places. Just like you did.

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