relating to what we know – solsc#13

My husband and I were having dinner at a restaurant near a young couple and their cute baby. This little girl was sitting up well in her seat, playing patty-cake with her hands, using a sippy cup, and eating just a bit of her parents’ dinner – “table food.”

She was doing several things that our six month old granddaughter isn’t doing – yet. But she was smaller than our little Madison.

There was a time when I could estimate babies’ and children’s ages by their activities. Way back when our children were small. Then that ability left me for a long while. But now that there is a little one back in our lives, I tend to notice and relate – and compare.

I tried not to stare but I did keep an eye on her pretty face during our meal, and kept noticing all the fun things she was doing.

We spoke to the sweet couple as we left. They were so happy to hear the compliments and praise we heaped upon their little girl. And we were happy to hear that she is nine months old, and we have lots more fun to look forward to soon with our own sweet granddaughter.

One thought on “relating to what we know – solsc#13

  1. elsie says:

    I’m doing the same thing when I look at babies. I have a three month old granddaughter that I have not seen since her first week of life (except in pictures).

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