jamocha love – solsc #8

Do you like milkshakes? I love the creamy goodness, the refreshment, the soothing feel in my mouth and my tummy. A jamocha milkshake from Arby’s is so delicious! What does it taste like? Chocolatey and Mocha-ey all mixed together. A summer day, a soft blanket, a fluffy marshmallow. It is the absolute best!

This has always been one of my favorite treats. I could make a meal out of one – forget the roast beef sandwich that I also love. Ummm-ummm good!

Back in December I had outpatient surgery. All went well with a great report afterwards. Before I knew it it was afternoon and I was back home, more sore than I had anticipated, but not too much worse for the wear.

My husband and son and daughter and granddaughter were all there at home with me that afternoon, just basking in the knowledge that all was good. On her way to the house my daughter had called and asked if we needed anything. Nope, nothing. We were all fine and so happy to have this behind us.

But she brought me a jamocha shake anyway. It was the best thing ever. Cool and refreshing, just enough nourishment. What did it taste like? Chocolate and mocha and lots of love. A thoughtful gift, a happy ending, a promise of tomorrow. How sweet it was. How precious of my daughter to know just what I like.

Now it is – even more – one of my favorite things!

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