Now that we are real empty nesters we are thankful that our children’s “nests” aren’t too far away. Last year we had gotten in the habit of meeting for dinner together 3-4 times a month, just to touch base and to enjoy each other’s company.

During the week of Valentine’s Day 2014, we had chosen to eat at Soulshine Pizza in Nashville. My husband and I had never been there before, so we all decided to meet at our daughter Beth’s home and ride together.

For once I was thinking ahead and decided it would be a great time to schedule our summer trip to the beach. Knowing that I would be retiring at the end of the school year, I checked the dates in August after the rates dropped from their summer high dollar mark. I had two weeks selected for us to choose from, and planned to return home that night to make our reservations.

When we all arrived at Beth and Jamie’s house I was anxious to talk about the week at the beach, which seemed so far removed from the cold bleak days we were having at that time. But when I started, Beth suggested we head on to the restaurant. After we got there and ordered, the next order of business was to exchange the small presents we had for each other in honor of Valentines Day.

Here is the precious gift that our daughter and her husband gave us:

baby announcement

They had been married 7 ½ years, and we had always hoped for grandchildren, but we knew better than to ask. There had been a bit more talk of it from them lately, but honestly, this took us totally by surprise.

We were completely thrilled and overwhelmed with trying to grasp this blessing that God had given our family. There were hugs and tears all around and joy filled us deep inside.

Then Beth said, “So we’ll still have to go early to the beach this year before the rates drop, since I can’t travel towards the end of the pregnancy.” Ha! I had totally forgotten my vacation planning. Such a minor detail in this grand scheme of things.

Now it is February once again and my thoughts turn from these cold days to the warmth of a trip to the beach. This time we will have another family member to plan around. What a joy!

photo 2

By the way the pizza we had after the big news that night was delicious. And what better spot than a place called “Soulshine”?


10 thoughts on “soulshine

  1. What preciousness you have at hand!!

  2. Ramona says:

    Such a sweetheart! What a fun way to learn about her arrival last year. And what fun you’ll have at the beach this year.

  3. What a great present! Sounds like you’ll have plenty to do in retirement.

  4. Chris says:

    What a creative way for your grandchild to be announced! Sweet slice!

  5. newtreemom says:

    Happy for you! What a sweet, sweet Valentine! So fun to read.

  6. spillarke says:

    What a great surprise! You’re daughter is so thoughtful– love the details and the photo.

  7. Dana Murphy says:

    I love the way they revealed their good news! And that baby… oh my word. Buckets of cute. Buckets.

  8. Tara Smith says:

    Such a joy filled story – happiness and love.

  9. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Too adorable! Babies are just the best gift!

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