due west, part 3

As Beth and Jamie continued their search for a new home, if they spotted a house that looked like a possibility – one that had a presence, but showed signs of aging and needed updating, Beth would write the homeowners a letter. She would tell them about her and Jamie’s desire to find a new home, and she would detail what she admired about their house. She ended with contact information in case the reader might be willing to help them find a “forever home.”

Most people never responded. One friendly lady called to wish them luck and assure them she was staying put. Another man informed them that he and his wife had recently remodeled and weren’t interested in selling – unless Beth and Jamie wanted to make an offer and if the price was right.

One by one the properties that she wrote letters about were eliminated, mostly on the inference that the owners were happy where they were. So many dead ends. No movement on the foreclosure house, nothing affordable with possibilities for sale, no interest from other happy homeowners. Yet one place continued to catch her eye.

Right around the corner from the foreclosure house, on Beth’s well-traveled route, was a pretty house with a lovely yard. The interesting thing was that it looked like no one lived there, although the lamp in the front window came on every night. Beth continued to keep her eye on this house, and wondered about the story behind it.

Using her research skills she learned that the homeowner had recently passed away. Beth also learned that the family had built this house in 1952 and had been its only occupants through the years. The husband had passed away several years ago, and the wife stayed there alone as long as she could. She had gone to live with her daughter in Texas, and the house had indeed been empty for several months, just as Beth had suspected.

Beth continued to talk about this house, and from time to time we would ask her is she had sent the letter to the daughter in Texas. “I’m going to,” Beth would say. “I just have to be ready. Because this time I know she will contact me about selling the house.”

6 thoughts on “due west, part 3

  1. I got goosebumps reading part 3… A place to call home is so significant to belonging.

  2. elsie says:

    I hope their dreams come true. What an interesting journey in house hunting.

  3. arjeha says:

    Finding a forever home is a long and often times disheartening process. Hope things work out for them.

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Oooh…waiting for what (I hope) is the happy ending to this story.

  5. blkdrama says:

    What a lovely way to search for the “forever home”. I just want a happy ending 🙂 Keep us posted, PLEASE!!!!!

  6. djtsmith says:

    Glad you visited my site. Decided it has been toooo long since I dropped in here. I’ve found you are living a parallel life to mine now…my son just went through a similar house hunt, my daughter just had a daughter…my son-in-law’s name is Jamie…they lived in Nashville (now in PA), and you are retired (and it is a strange feeling when the school year starts and I get to sit this one out!). I am just about three years ahead of you. Hope to read the next installment of the house hunt soon.

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