hopefully just for today

The super moon is close to earth and looming large

it still commands a presence

in the early predawn hours.


A morning walk before the sunrise

illuminated by this spotlight

peeking from behind clouds.


The air is warm and still – nighttime insects reminiscing,

background music keeping time,

human racket still asleep.


The clouds accumulate and grow, billowing high and gathering

making the air feel even heavier,

postponing the coming day.


Even the birds are sleeping in today, waiting for more light, or else

the moon kept them awake last night

and now their sluggishness holds on.


Time pauses and resists the urge to move along towards day

Suspended in this in-between

of thick and quiet space


And so we walk along together, covering this wellworn route

wondering when and if the rain will come

to break this listless spell.


But wait – look down there by the grate, now scurrying across the yard

the black would not be noticable

without the white stripe above.


We stop and watch and keep our distance

allowing it to take the lead

and wander where it wants.


Along the edge of houses in between and under shrubs

at last it crosses the road and heads

down toward the river bottom land.


By the light of the super moon and in the stillness of the condensed air

a visitor joins our journey this morning

hopefully just for today.

5 thoughts on “hopefully just for today

  1. Your poem captures the silence, mystery, darkness and light of a summer evening.

  2. So glad you wrote & then shared this. Magical moments…

  3. blkdrama says:

    What a wonderful moment you’ve frozen for us. Seems so simple, so elegant. We don’t see the sweat and muscle. Thanks 🙂

  4. GirlGriot says:

    Mmm … beautiful! I was seeing and feeling right along with you through this poem!

  5. Ramona says:

    Loved joining you on this morning walk. I felt like I was right beside you and yes, hopefully your visitor was just for today.

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