cool spell

the day before

the air was thick

so full you could see it

hanging still




this morning

there’s a change


crisp and clear

cooling breezes

brilliant blue sky

sailing clouds



like a mountain stream

lifting spirits

soothing longings


the world scrubbed clean

7 thoughts on “cool spell

  1. THIS IS WONDERFUL and definitely describes yesterday into today here. The air this morning smelled like a newborn (day). Your voice and ability to succinctly capture the moment is inspiring.

  2. newtreemom says:

    Yes, you captured it perfectly. While my sister laments it hasn’t been a summer for the pool, I revel in the many cooler days we have had. And the contrast between the humid, sometimes stormy days and the crisp, blue sky days is so well described with air thick and so full you could see it followed by cooling breezes and sailing clouds.

  3. margaretsmn says:

    Love the world scrubbed clean. Fresh air wakes us up and helps us notice, with gratitude.

  4. elsie says:

    This was our weather too. What a joy to feel the crispness, rather than wading through the thick air.

  5. Ramona says:

    Wonderful descriptions – lifting spirits is a great way to describe your weather change!

  6. Raivenne says:

    Are you in my neck of the woods as it were, that describes the weather between yesterday and today perfectly. Nicely done.

  7. Linda Baie says:

    Yes, we have that lovely cool, too! Your poem shares the feelings beautifully!

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