consistently persistent

A friend has recently been faithful to her new workout routine and it shows. She goes to a spot called Persistently Consistent Fitness – or maybe it is Consistently Persistent Fitness. Either way, she has a fun time and feels great.

She sent some friends an email from the owner offering a free month of workouts if we were interested. I replied that I was definitely interested and that I desperately needed it. Hopefully I can start my month after school is out so I can be more consistently persistent with my own new routine.

By the way, I wonder what the difference would be between consistently persistent and persistently consistent. Or are they essentially the same?

I have always said that the hardest thing about being a parent – or a teacher – is being consistent. Children, in their own ways, beg for this routine, yet they rub against it and can rub you raw in the process. But being consistent is definitely the key to success in the process – and happiness in the long run.

I have tried my best to be consistently persistent for 34 years in my teaching career. This is my last year and after exactly 23 more days of work I will retire. I wonder what I will attempt to be persistently consistent with next.

I have a great example to share of consistency and persistence but it will have to wait. I have not been consistent with my writing as of late – many truthful excuses but no good reasons. And my lack of persistence has caused me to write this at the last minute to make the posting deadline.

Hopefully I will find my consistently persistent writing routine and write that story soon. For now, here’s a preview:

stone stair closeup

5 thoughts on “consistently persistent

  1. bbutler627 says:

    Consistently persistent or persistently consistent – both interchangeable? I had the same thought. Yes routines do woke but they take effort not will to be given at times. Great slice! Glad I stopped by! You’re a very smart writer.

  2. Lisa Keeler says:

    I love the words consistently persistent or persistently consistent. And I hope you find the things that make you happy and create a satisfying routine as you enter into your next chapter.

  3. elsie says:

    Congrats on your up coming retirement! You will find many things to fill your days and you can choose which ones get the consistent and persistent attention.

  4. bevbaird says:

    Got such a chuckle from your post – loved it! consistently persistent or persistently consistent – can we interchange them? Will have to think on that one. I retired last year and am loving it. But I’m still waiting for the routine! I’m writing more – but also doing so many other things. Need to be consistent with at least one thing! lol

  5. tantalizing view of a story to come. I’m thinking that I am more persistently consistent – I frustrate my husband with my attendance to routine. But like you, at work I have been the other way around for 34 years – but I don’t get to retire yet – I look forward to reading about what you decide to be CP or PC about in the future.

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