what we know

Spring calls to us with the promise of green,

the fullness of buds,

the warmth of the sun in the bright blue sky.


But we know better than to depend on this display,

and we wait to plant our flowers.


The lawns green and cover over,

the rainbows of bulbed blooms light our smiles,

the leaves web between the branches of the sap filled trees.


But we know the cold hasn’t gone away to stay,

and we keep jackets and sweaters close by.


Winters are lined up to come for a visit.

redbud, dogwood, locust, and blackberry

reminding us of the nearness of shivers and cold.


But we know their power is fleeting and short-lived,

and we smile and wait, just a little longer…

3 thoughts on “what we know

  1. lromainebrown says:

    “we know better” — I like that smiling patience that is not fooled by the first spring greenery. I’m guilty of putting my tomato plants out way too early.

  2. Terje says:

    Spring. I like the patience of waiting in this poem.

  3. blkdrama says:

    Perfect message here. I’m ready for a walk outside today is that probably won’t happen with the cold and winds coming. Rats!

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