musical memories

Summer Project:

Load my CD’s into iTunes and get up-to-date on accessing and listening to music in the 21st century!

Meanwhile, I went through some of those CD’s the other day and “organized” them. Meaning I chose the ones I hadn’t listened to in a while that caught my eye and stacked about five in my car for the road.

The first one I played was an oldie made up of songs played on the old TV show, Dawson’s Creek. I remember how taken our daughter was with this show, and how smitten she was with some of the characters. At first I didn’t encourage her to watch it at all. Then I saw it a couple of times and got interested myself.

Such angst! So many “tragic” problems. Lots of young love. My daughter was just coming of age then (and our son thought he was) and so, as I remember, the show prompted several discussions around our house. We watched it regularly and were sad to see it end. Well, actually it got a little strange toward the last part of its run so we longed for the good ol’ days before it officially ended.

Some songs on the CD I had not heard in quite some time. Some I remembered word for word, others just in parts. But listening to it took me to another place and time. It reminded me how much our family members had changed since then.

I also thought about the changes in the lives of some of the stars. Katie Holmes has certainly had an interesting life with and now without Tom Cruise, and James Van Der Beek (Dawson himself, with thicker hair) is in the cast of a new show slated to start next week.

Funny how a melody sounds like a memory… wait, that’s from another song, but it is oh, so true.

One thought on “musical memories

  1. tammyyoga says:

    Nice slice of memories. Not one of my shows, but I remember what it’s like to enjoy a show with your kids.

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