monday again

Amazing how time flies when you are away from work. Last week’s spring break went so quickly! It was a wonderful week, filled with family time, chores completed, books read, delicious meals, visits with friends, writing and reading in the Slice of Life challenge, and some beautiful weather to enjoy.

I am well planned for the week ahead and I will be glad to see my students again. And I’ll be anxious to see friends and learn all about their week, too.

But it sure is hard to muster up the get-up-and-go I need to make it a good day. Yes, last night I felt like this little fellow, ending not just a weekend but a week-long break as well:

Monday again

I am not sure where this came from, so I am only including a part – but the caption is “Tomorrow is Monday again!”

Yes, A Monday that brings new opportunities, smiling faces, and hope.

New challenges – with new solutions – and grace.

Family, friends, and love.

Have a great day!

One thought on “monday again

  1. tjkfirst says:

    Ahhhh Monday, Monday. I had a conference today so tomorrow will be my first one back. I hope the kiddos are back in the groove by tomorrow!

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