something to look forward to

When my children were babies I often felt that I would put them down for a nap, and when they woke up I thought I could actually see that they had grown. Just in that small amount of time. And maybe I was right.

These days when I look in the mirror from one morning to the next, I am just as sure that my nose has grown. Why is it that our ears and nose keep growing and start to overtake our faces? That just doesn’t seem fair. But mine is definitely taking up more space than it used to.

My son would say that this is very appropriate, as he thinks I am very “nosey” and that I ask too many questions. The other night he went to eat dinner with my husband and me. I have had a rotten head cold for several days and was not on my regular game. I told him I was sure he missed my interrogation techniques.

And what is up with our teeth moving towards the front as the years go by? Recently I saw a picture of two women who had been very influential in my education years ago. Goodness, this is awful to say, but they had horse faces, with so much teeth exposure. Is that what I have to look forward to?

Last week I had my hair cut and highlighted a bit more than usual. I really like the way it looks, but I remember the deep creases and lines I noticed in my face that showed up in that harsh lighting. Is that how everyone else sees me? Argh!

And yet… I absolutely love my life. I am thankful for the days of usefulness, and those of relaxation. I am grateful for my abilities, and even for my challenges. I so appreciate the friends and family that see past my outside faults and love me in spite of my inside shortcomings as well.

5 thoughts on “something to look forward to

  1. @Kellylou says:

    Oh the joys of growing older! Often when I look in the mirror now I see a glimpse of my grandmother looking back at me — something about the corner of my eyes and these thin lips she gave me. I always thought I’d hate it, but there is something glorious in seeing this new me looking back from my reflection — you’re right, is so strange but so much to be thankful for, too!

  2. marc-aureled says:

    “My son would say that this is very appropriate, as he thinks I am very “nosey” and that I ask too many questions.” I connected with this line because I think my son probably thinks the same thing about me. Your description of looking in the mirror at the hair salon is spot on. I could never understand why they have such harsh lighting. Remember the people see much more than just the exterior. When you interact with a person in person, it’s your inner self that shines through!

  3. cmargocs says:

    Thanks for laying bare the misgivings we share about aging, especially when we have children quick to point out the changes! As for me, I get so busy that sometimes they happen without me noticing, until they become so apparent that I can’t ignore them.

  4. I want to go look in a mirror and study myself more closely after reading your post. 🙂 I had to laugh at your description of you son thinking you’re nosey. Don’t all children think their mothers are nosey? I know mine do.

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