choices for today

Don’t live in the past, don’t ponder about the future, stay at the PRESENT moment NOW…always.
Mark Twain

Have you ever heard teachers say that they have to get their students ready for the next grade? Preschool teachers have to get them ready for Kindergarten. Upper elementary teachers have to get students ready for middle school. And later on, teachers work to get them ready for high school or college, or the work world.

How about helping students be the best third grader that they can be? Or enjoying what one level of school has to offer without trying to send students off to another? How about  helping students enjoy every day, learn all they can, and then watch them take those lessons and those memories forward with them when the time is right for that next advancement?

That is true in the work world, too. Some people are always thinking of what is next on the horizon. They often overlook the demands of today that would lead them more easily into tomorrow. How about taking to day and living it for all it is worth?

How about living in the moment and being present in the now?

I am learning that lesson for myself this week. There is a fabulous conference in town this week that will have sessions about writing, and crafting, and networking, and all the things that I enjoy outside of school, things that I hope to pursue when I retire.

But at school, on that same day, there is a literacy meeting in the morning that I am scheduled to lead, and there is training on our new assessment program in the afternoon.

I would love to put all of that out of my mind, think towards the future, and go to the conference. I could get excited about what is ahead for me and get myself ready for that next experience.

But I need to be present in the now. I need to lead that meeting and help teachers make the most of this year in literacy. I need to ask questions and find answers for the snafus in our assessment program. I need to be living in the moment and do what is expected of me – today.

And so, for today, I have made my choice.

Later on, I will find another conference and it will be just as wonderful as this one – when the time is right for me to be present in that moment. Someday.  But not today.

Wherever you are, be there. If you can be fully present now, you’ll know what it means to live.
Steve Goodier

9 thoughts on “choices for today

  1. Yes, yes and yes! We need to be present, in the moment. So easy to say and so hard to do. We need to practice regularly. But it Mark Twain says it, I’m listening deeply.

    Don’t live in the past, don’t ponder about the future, stay at the PRESENT moment NOW…always.
    Mark Twain

    Thanks for reminding me,

  2. Linda Baie says:

    We so often look forward, but your words are so wise, to stay, stay and enjoy! Thanks!

  3. I hate choices like that. Luckily books and media and research and time make it possible to explore the future even as we live fully in the now.

  4. Jaana says:

    The morning announcements at my school always end with this phrase: “The choices that you make today, shape your world tomorrow.” By making the choice to be in the present, you shaped the teachers’ world tomorrow.

  5. Two years and finishing strong... says:

    I love that you took this whole idea and ran with it! Moment…by moment is really the best way to live and enjoy. That is what I’m trying to do every day in this last year. xo

  6. margaretsmn says:

    All good choices can leave you wondering what you “should” do. Making that decision and sticking with it and staying positive are all good, too. So often we think about the coulda, woulda, instead of the here and now.

  7. What a wonderful quote – I have not thought of that one in years…and GREAT advice. It is so easy to get caught in the what ifs, and maybes and why and why nots….there is joy in the moment that we often overlook!

  8. Peg D says:

    Oh my gosh, YES! Exactly my problem with education right now.

  9. macrush53 says:

    Being present in the moment. I try to do so every day. I like the idea of making our students be the best that they can be at this moment.

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