on being a tree

I am a tree, planted in fertile soil long ago, and my roots are deep.


When I was young, before I really knew what I already was, I wanted to be a tree.

No other job ever crossed my mind.

And so I worked hard to become the best tree I could be.


I have soaked up the sunshine and reached my branches toward the sky, day after day.

I have been drenched by rains and nourished by the watering cans of others.

I have been sheltered by other trees that were tall and strong when I was young.

I have weathered storms and learned to bend with the wind.


Then, at one time, I couldn’t imagine being a tree any longer.

I decided I wanted to be built into a house. Or a boat, or even a fence.

Anything but a tree. I was so tired of being a tree.

But God said, “I made you to be a tree. I’ll let you know if I have other plans for you. Until then be the best tree you can be. I am counting on you for that.”

And so I continued being a tree.


And with His help, I am good at what I do, being a tree, standing for myself, and for others.

I have sheltered little ones in my branches, and offered shade to those who needed rest.

The seeds I have made have traveled far and wide, taken root, and grown.


I am old now and strong. I can see clearly the world around me.

I know which saplings are sturdy and determined  – and which ones are planted in rocky ground.

My experiences are woven into my branches and whisper through my leaves.

They speak to me, and help me embrace new growth.


But I am not sure today’s world is looking for sturdy trees anymore.

It may be God’s time for me to become something new.

Yet on mornings filled with the promise of a new day and better ways of growing,

on those days, and every day, for now,

I continue to be the best tree I know how to be.

6 thoughts on “on being a tree

  1. newtreemom says:

    Beautiful words to think on…

  2. Robin says:

    Beautiful story and picture – a great message today!

  3. janemartyn says:

    Beautiful post. The Fall is a great time of year to appreciate trees. I’m going to expose my childhood (and continued) dorkiness and say: you can understand why Tolkien created Ents, right? 🙂

  4. Leigh Anne says:

    This reminds me a lot of The Giving Tree.

    I am old now and strong…but I’m not sure today’s world is looking for sturdy trees anymore.

    It seems like many “old trees” in education are finding themselves in a world not looking for sturdy trees. Many teachers who have been teaching a long time are being forced out, receiving bad evaluations, and “not wanted.” I have no idea the premise behind this poem, but that is what the ending made me think about.

  5. Donna Smith says:

    I liked this very much, but it made me just a bit sad.

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