changing seasons

Every day there are subtle hints at the coming of Fall. Seed pods sit on the ends of stalks in the lilies where flowers once bloomed. Hackberry trees are losing their leaves in shades of yellow or mottled brown. The breeze skitters them across the road from time to time. At the cabin by the lake the acorns are beginning to drop from the giant oak trees there. I saw a V-formation of geese the other day, although their pace was leisurely and they seem to be practicing for the long haul to come. Our morning walks are darker and the shadows are longer in the evenings. The seasons are definitely starting to change.

There is a change of seasons inside our home as well. Last May our youngest child graduated from college. He moved back home with us and was – thankfully, blessedly – fortunate to find an engineering job in his major field. When Labor Day weekend came it brought the first of September and the time for him to leave home for good. His room is emptier now than it was when he was in college. He is sharing a rental home with three other guys.

This step into the real world of careers, bills, home repair, insurance, and responsibility is a big one. Like the change of seasons it has come gradually over the years, and we think he is ready. It is an exciting time for him (once the roof leaks are fixed and the painting is complete) of finding out more about who he is and who he is meant to become. He is living in Nashville and will be learning more about that big city up the road from our town – the place of his parents’ childhood.  We are happy for him.

It does feel quieter here at our home as we settle in for the season ahead. Autumn – and this being true empty nesters – is a beautiful time of year and we will embrace it. And then, when Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? Who knows what lies ahead in the next season of our lives? Time will tell, as it always does.

Good Luck, Son. Our love is always with you, wherever you are.

4 thoughts on “changing seasons

  1. Good luck to him and to the changes in your life. May they all be sweet!

  2. newtreemom says:

    A sweet reflection… wishing you joy as you embrace the changing seasons.

  3. elsie says:

    I love the way you started with noticing the changes in nature and then shifted to your home. It is a shift in life for all, but exciting possibilities lay ahead for everyone.

  4. you saw the v formation??? I am so happy for your son…exciting and so blessed with a job…congratulations, but there is change in the air, isn’t there. xo nanc

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