A gracious friend in my book club has a lovely lake house where she hosted our June gathering. We were treated to her hospitality of delicious food, gorgeous views, warm sun, pop-up showers and storms seen from a protective screened porch, comfortable beds, and special times of friendship. What a lovely way to spend summer days!

At times like these we often let our guard down and share our innermost thoughts and dreams. One of our single friends revealed that she would like to find a different house before she retires. We thought about several options and places for her to consider.

On our way home the next day, a friend and I decided to take a different exit and drive through one of those neighborhoods that we had suggested to our friend, who was also riding with us. The three of us saw that there are several new homes that looked so nice and would be just the right size and price for her to consider. We drove down several streets multiple times just to get a good feel for the place. My friend that was driving commented that the people there would wonder who we were and what we were doing going around in circles like we were.

Then the daughter of the friend who was driving sent a text: Where are you? There are tornado warnings in south Franklin. That is just where we were. We had noticed some dark clouds but nothing too concerning. Another message: The storms are moving through the Goose Creek exit on I-65 now. We were just south of there. That is the exit we would normally have taken had we not been touring this neighborhood.

We weren’t sure whether to stay or go, but the school where I teach was very close, so we decided to drive towards home and pull in there if we needed to. Along the way we saw some frightening clouds in an ominous sky, but we were driving in a direction away from the storms – so we kept going.

After we dropped off our friend we saw the most eerie sight beside the road. Three vultures were standing in a line on the ground, facing away from the road, with their wings spread wide. I wish I had made a picture, but I did find this one (even though it is in a tree):

vulture spreading wings

Imagine seeing three lined up like that. Creepy! What did they know that we didn’t? We took it as a storm warning, although I have since read that is how they often dry their wings. Perhaps, unlike us, they had gotten caught in the storm. Nevertheless, we continued to hurry home, even though we were in full sunshine by then.

The next day my principal shared this image that was taken off the deck at her home – in the same neighborhood where we dropped off our friend:



I have told several people that although we were clueless, our Gps was working well that day – GOD’S positioning system. I firmly believe that He guided us through that storm – or more accurately steered us away from it. Had we not taken a different exit to go look at houses we would have driven right into this dangerous weather. How lucky – how blessed – we were.

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