I have a jasmine vine in my back yard. It has beautiful yellow flowers in the early spring, and then it spends the rest of the growing season growing. And growing … and growing!

We have it “trained” around a tower, although I use that term loosely.  It loves to spread its tendrils and branch out toward anything nearby – the gutter, a flower pot, the hydrangeas. And it is always reaching towards the sky. Sometimes it looks like Medusa with snakelike vines growing up and out and covering the top of the tower. I am glad it is healthy, but I have to keep a watchful eye on it.

Recently I decided to give it a good clipping.  It was just getting out of hand!  It took quite some time but I cut enough off to uncover the top of the tower stand and reel in the outstretched wandering fingers throughout. Oops I missed one – can you see it in the picture below?
jasmine tower

Now I am anxious to see how quickly it grows back. I went out the other day to take a close look and found this sight:

jasmine vine 3

Well it seems it is just SO excited to get back to its job of becoming all that it can be. Look at all those new shoots! They are doing their best to push themselves to reach and grow!

All this reminds me of the new school year that is upon us and the students that will be a part of our lives for the next nine – ten months.  When we think about our last year’s class, we remember the growth, and the accomplishments, and the fun we had learning together.

But then sometimes, we also remember that our students got tangled up, got off course, got in each other’s way, and perhaps didn’t always do their best, especially at the end of the year.

Now the summer and the break from school has cleaned them up and straightened them out, and they are ready for a new start. The students are ready to push themselves to reach, and grow, and learn! I am anxious to see how quickly they grow!





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