good advice

Recently I was a guest at a baby shower, and before the mother-to-be opened her gifts the hostesses asked each guest to share some good mothering advice. There were many memorable suggestions and some funny stories – what a great idea for a party!

I was towards the end of the circle and many things I was thinking of had already been said by the time is was my turn. So even though this wasn’t my first thought, my advice was this, given in two parts:

First, the teacher in me says don’t raise your child to think he (or she) is the only, or the most important, person in the world. Unselfishness doesn’t often come naturally, so we as parents need to nurture that character trait in our children. As a teacher, I see students who have been raised to think they are the only person that matters, and consequently they never think of others first. Honestly, these types are sometimes almost unbearable when they act that way!

And second, as a mother I would say DO raise your son to know and believe that he is the only “Tanner” (or “John”, or “Evan”…) that there is or ever will be, so he needs to work towards being the best at being himself that he can be.

Not the most important person there is, but the only one who can do the work that God has designed specially and specifically for him to do.

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