beach music

call of seagulls in the early morning

croak of frogs in the pond at night


never-ending surf,  pounding or lapping, meeting the shore

breeze whipping through hair, swirling around ears, refreshing hot skin


pour and drip of a rainshower as it rises and falls

beating of sunrays – til a cloud drifts by


steam from the ground and the burn from the sand

coolness of water in the tide or the pool


redness of skin and the lightening of hair

rainbow colors of suits and floats, towels and boats


aroma of seafood, and fries, and fruit

tastes of sweetness, and salt, and sauce


rolling and thumping of coolers across the boardwalk to the beach

slapping of balls and Frisbees as they hit – hands, or water, or sand


snapping of beach chairs setting up or folding down

flapping of umbrellas and towels in the wind


words and images from books engulfing your thinking

strains of music keeping time in the background of your life


laughter and whispers of friends and families, sharing time together

memories to last til this time next year


2 thoughts on “beach music

  1. I could be a man on the moon and be tasting watermelon after reading your poem

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