important things

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation for teachers in my district. And today – and tomorrow, and the day after that – I have to go to three days of inservice. I can’t even bring myself to call it professional development because it is all about – and only about – how to use the new basal reader our district just adopted.

Yesterday I did important things. Not so many or so impressive, but important nevertheless. I caught up on some correspondence, balanced the checkbook, had lunch with a dear friend whose life is going to be taking a different track, did some writing, finished a great book, changed the sheets on the bed, helped my son unload (for the last time) his college “stuff,” took a walk, cooked dinner, and various other “little” things.

But these are the important things. Just like the grandfather in Eve Bunting’s A Day’s Work, I know the important things, and I want to demonstrate that knowledge in the way I live my life.

It will not be easy to do that today – or tomorrow, or the day after that. Yesterday was just a teaser, I guess – but summer’s comin’!!

One thought on “important things

  1. I love this statement and want to flip it to a question for myself: How do I show that I know what is important in every day of my life?

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