bird song in the air – solc #29

Just before daylight this morning I awoke, a little stiff from sleeping so hard, and congested as usual. I thought about what today held in store – nothing noteworthy, just another day. I ran through my mental list of to do’s and wondered what to begin with this morning. I thought about turning over and going back to sleep, and then…

I heard it…

The bird song, the “dawn chorus,” filling the air completely – just as the color began to lighten ever so slightly in the sky. But the birds knew what was coming, they knew the light was on its way for a brand new day… and they sang. And sang.

So I did get up and I came downstairs and I opened the door to hear it better. The surround sound engulfed me and lifted my spirits immediately.

What do they sing about, each day so early? The scientists will tell you they are establishing their territories, or looking for a mate. They’ll say they sing in the morning because there is less wind, and the sound travels better. And they’ll tell you it is still too dark for the birds to hunt for the food they need, so they sing before the break of dawn.

But I heard more than that. This morning, their song was a reminder to me of how important this day is going to be. They told me that it didn’t matter what I was to do, but more importantly, today was a day that I could be – be alive, be happy, be thankful. They reminded me of the coming of spring, and of the joy of being who I am, and the possibilities that this day would hold.

4 thoughts on “bird song in the air – solc #29

  1. Delilah says:

    Reading your slice just made my good morning even better! On this Good Friday it is good to be alive, be happy and be thankful. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. newtreemom says:

    I’ll think of this when I hear the birds singing. I love that morning chorus. I noticed one day last week as I walked in to school, even thought it was a kind of gray day, the birds were chirping in the trees.

  3. Terje says:

    A bit of light and a chorus of birds – life is wonderful indeed. You wrote beautifully.

  4. mag says:

    Those cardinals are sending out their messages loud and clear. Can’t wait for the peepers. Then I know it’s spring!

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