good for the soul – solc #16

From the moment he came on stage we were chuckling. I don’t remember his opening line, but the sound of his accent made me smile from his first word on. It continued on from there. The words he spoke through the characters he created are words I have heard people that I know actually say, in that same tone of voice – and I could almost see them up on stage with him as he spoke.  His stories, his timing, his facial expressions – it all added up to an evening of laughter and delight.

We attended a comedian’s performance at our local theater last night. A group of us had dinner together first, sharing stories and catching up on our lives. Coming from jobs, and travels, and various circumstances, it was good to be in each other’s company and share that time together. Such a great way to start the evening.

And then we settled in for the show. Can you imagine being on stage alone for the better part of two hours entertaining perfect strangers? As frightening as that is to me, this man was very comfortable in that role he has played for countless years. And he seemed like an old friend from the start.

I giggled and snickered. I had trouble catching my breath from laughing so loud and long. I actually slapped my knee one time. My head bobbed and my eyes watered. It was a fun way to clean my sinuses and clear my perspective. His delivery is masterful, and his words come nonstop. We tried to retell some of his anecdotes to our children today, but it wasn’t anywhere near the same.

His message is not politically correct, but his language is clean, and his thought-provoking stories leave you thoughtful as well as amused. If some of his stories made you a bit uncomfortable, it was because of the sad truth he revealed, even in his hilarious telling of them. We continue to ponder his assertion that people today are living in fear – and that we need to stop that feeling of dread and move on with enjoying our lives each day.

And we are thankful this entertainer helped us live fully in the moment last night. Yes, laughter is truly good for the soul. Thank you, old friend.

One thought on “good for the soul – solc #16

  1. Your explanation of the laughter including slapping your knee one time really showed the fun you had. Laughter is great for the soul!

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